To top off our list of the must-dos and must-sees of Argentina is the awe-inspiring Andes Mountains range. The Andes are the highest mountain range outside of Asia. The range dominates Argentina’s western border and continue north to Venezuela. Cerro Aconcagua, at 6,962 meters is the highest peak in the Americas and is located in the province of Mendoza. The numerous outdoorsy activities available in the Andes lure in visitors from around the globe.

Trekking in Argentina

When planning a vacation to Argentina, consider looking into the trekking options spread throughout the country. To immerse yourself in the spirit of the Andes and experience the sensation of being completely side swept by the incredible beauty of these peaks is one of Argentina’s greatest gifts to the traveler.

Among the many activities these mountain provide, trekking remains one of the most popular. There is noting quite like strapping on a pack and weaving paths through the rugged masterpiece of Mother Nature to get to know a new area. The trekking options in Argentina are so extensive that it would be impossible to list them all, but this outline will give you a good idea of what areas of the country are best for trekking, what you can expect to see, the degree of difficulty that meets your needs and experience, and how you can find more information specific to each hike.

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