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If you make it to Ushuaia, or The End of the World, as it is often referred, you may as well get to the highest point possible that will enable you to see as far into the mysterious southern abyss of the Atlantic as possible. The tail end of the Andes Mountains rise up above in the distant city limits of Ushuaia – the southern most city in the world – and make up the Tierra del Fuego National Park.

Monte Susana/ Laguna Verde

laguna verde tierra del fuego national park

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Monte Susana is one of the most highly recommended trekking paths within the park which includes exceptional panoramic views of Ushuaia, the Peninsula, the Beagle Channel, and the Bridge Islands. And while in the park you may want to check out Laguna Verde, another popular trekking destination that displays its own unique beauty. The hike that will take you there is fairly easy, and once you arrive you can continue to follow the trail along the sparkling blue river to Lapataia Bay before returning to Ushuaia.

Ice Caves at Alvear Glacier

alvear glacier ice caves tierra del fuego argentina

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Trekking through the Ice Caves at Alvear Glacier is another exciting and unique experience just 25 km outside of Ushuaia. The hike will lead you through the Lenga forest until you arrive at a spot that sits just above the vegetation line and allows you to peek right over the trees onto the incredible Tierra Mayor Valley. From there the hike gets a little rocky and will eventually lead you to the incredible blue caves of the Alvear glacier. The hike is a bit more demanding and will take 6/7 hours to complete.

Cabo San Pablo/ Lago Fagnano/ Lago Escondido

laguna escondida tierra del fuego argentina

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The beach side trekking destination of Cabo San Pablo is another beautiful and popular site that is highly recommended. The trek will take you right past Lago Escondido and Lago Fagnano which commonly make the top of the list of must see places for most End of the World travelers due to the beauty surrounding them.

Heading to this destination on a tour bus, or rental car you will cross the Garibaldi Pass and the Fuegian Andes Mountain that will lead to numerous trekking, fishing, and camping options. From the Garibaldi Pass there are paths that lead you to the enchanting lakes where its recommended that you set out on foot to really soak in the surroundings. Along these paths the most beautiful views of the lakes can be enjoyed with Fagnano Lake coming first and Lake Escondido not too far after.

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