Puerto Madryn Travel Agencies


Along with the annual visits of the whales, are also annual visits of the tourists who travel from far and wide to see them. To help the tourists do so, there has been vast development within the tourist industry. There are numerous agencies in Peninsula Valdes that work to increase accessibility to the whales, while protecting the incredible natural, scenic, wild, and historical sites of this UNESCO sanctioned world heritage site.
To get up close and personal with the whales you will want to book a tour of Peninsula Valdes. During the right season you will have the opportunity to see numerous animals along your tour including the enormous whales, penguins, sea lions, elephant seals, orcas, and also the typical Patagonian land animals such as guanacos, maras, fox, and nandu.

Prices from one company to the next are typically very comparable. The one thing you may want to consider before choosing your travel agency will be their English speaking abilities. If you are not a Spanish speaker, make sure you ask about the language of the tour. Here is a list of a few recommended agencies within Puerto Madryn that you can contact for more information:

Flamenco Tour
Av. Roca 331
Tel 453275
Av. Roca 165
Tel 451845
Puerto Madryn Turismo
Av. Roca 624
Tel 452355
Ryans Travel S.R.L.
Yrigoyen 257 Loc.4
Tel 457000
Miras del Mar
Ac. Roca 11
Tel 474936

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