Puerto Pirámides Travel Agencies


The tiny town of Puerto Pirámides that you pass through on your full day tour is very charming, and unfortunately it is commonly overlooked. See our article on this quaint and beautiful village Puerto Pirámides Offers More Than Just Whales
For this reason, there are also people that choose to take a city bus or rent a car from Puerto Madryn and spend a couple of nights there. Without a doubt, the best part of the tour is the boat ride, and the boats disembark right off the shores from this town. You will have early morning access to the whales, beautiful sandy beaches, and the freedom to move at your own pace rather than cramming it all in one long day as you would in a tour from Puerto Madryn. Here is a list of travel agencies within Puerto Piramides that will take you out to sea:

Peke Sosa
Tel 495010

Pinino Aquatours
Tel 495010

Punta Ballena
Tel 495112

Tito Bottazzi
Tel 495050

Moby Dick

Tel 495065

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