Find English Language Books in Buenos Aires!

Buenos Aires English Language Bookstores GuideBuenos Aires harbors countless cafés and nooks just begging you to settle down with a good book. Unfortunately, unless you carry a bookshelf with you, you probably finished your novel on the plane ride here and now find yourself without a book, and without a clue where to start looking for a good one that is written in English. And in a city with so many charming little bookstores, it hard to know where to begin.

To narrow down the hunt, our very own Natalie Gourvich compiled a short list of the best bookstores in Buenos Aires in which to seek your next English language read. It is beautifully formatted as a PDF, and is all yours, for free:

Click here to download BA’s Brilliant Bookstores

Often referred to as ciudad de libros (city of books), Buenos Aires has a rich literary history and culture that inspires residents and visitors alike to explore the shelves of its charming bookstores. Whether this inspiration rings true for you, or you are simply looking for a novel to get you through the 17-hour bus ride to the Iguázu Falls, locating a quality English language book in Buenos Aires requires equal parts patience and effort.

For the time being, Buenos Aires is unscathed by behemoth book-stores. None of its chains like Cuspid or Distal come close to matching the magnitude of Borders or Barnes & Noble, and small boutique bookshops remain characteristic of the city. Consequently, unless a shop specializes in English books, its selection of such will most likely span a very limited area, from about a shelf to a case, in proportion to the size of the shop.

Nevertheless, the quaintness and charm typically possessed by these boutique bookshops more than make up for their diminutive selections of English books and make book-shopping in Buenos Aires an incredibly enjoyable pastime.