Six Reasons You Should Visit Argentina, Now.


6. The People in Argentina are GORGEOUS

El Alamo Bikini OpenHave you heard of Yamila Diaz, Valeria Mazza, and Luján Fernández? Well, I know I haven’t, but that did not stop my jaw from constantly hitting the sidewalk when I was just trying to mind my own business on the streets in Buenos Aires. Along with chiseled bone structure, slender body types, and some of the most manicured men and women I’ve shared public space with, the euro-inspired Argenitine culture is one of eye popping fashion. This should speak volumes: they rock the mullet and it works.

5. Quiero Vino, Quiero Vino, Quiero Vino! (Um, Wine)

Mendoza wine country with Andes in the backgroundIf Paul Giamatti had sloth-tonguedly rambled on and on about Malbec instead of Pinot Noir in Sideways, Argentina’s recently exposed secret would have been probably overextended their vineyards, despite the fact it is the 5th largest wine producing country in the world. The explanation of its growing popularity is simple. High quality, low prices. Restaurant owners in the States and Europe love it because the markup means that a single glass to a customer can pay for two entire bottles. When you visit the country yourself, forget the markup and get you daily antioxidants without making a dent in your pocket.

4. See The Devil’s Throat

The Devil's Throat Waterfall.  See it.Iguazu Falls make Niagra look like a spigot leak. The 270 semi-circle of over two hundred individual falls spans the borders of Argentina and Brazil. They have been in Bond movies and more recently took a step down and appeared in Miami Vice (they must need money). Some people are saying that they could run dry within fifty years, so now is definitely a time to be driven under the chutes in a motorboat, as if it there is ever a bad time for that.

3. Eat the Best Beef in the World. Period.

Mmm.  Beef.Maybe Japanese Kobe beef tastes better once in a while. After all, when a cow is getting massaged daily and fed high grade roughage and given beer to drink it is going to be happy and happy things are more delicious than sad. Unfortunately, when cattle are treated like royalty they become quite expensive in the afterlife as well. Argentine beef on the other hand lives the good life, but aren’t spoiled. You don’t enjoy it because you spite them. The fact they are open range combined with the incredible skill of the asadores means you can eat a thick steak at a nice restaurant for the price a warm keg beer at a local Irish pub in States.

2. It’s cheap! …For Now

Cien pesos used to be worth something...So before the economic crash of 2001, Argentina was expensive, like Europe-expensive. Then, all of a sudden, going to Argentina was about 4 times cheaper. And in poured the budget travelers, the backpackers, and the regular Joes who wanted to travel like rock stars. After 6 years of steady inflation, Argentina is no longer mind-bogglingly cheap, but merely a great bargain. So get down there while an all-you-can-eat steak dinners with wine still costs all of $12. It won’t last forever.

1. They’re Just So Nice

Look at them! They're just so nice.Ok, so they are beautiful, but in the big scheme that is a secondary characteristic. The truth is that whether you are bustling through Buenos Aires or visiting a small town, the people are warm and friendly. I know I was butchering the language to an almost unbelievable degree – walking a thin line between the occasional comprehensible Spanish verb and pure scat – but the people were still incredibly polite, patient, and warm. Maybe it was my non-verbal charisma, but in all honesty I believe it is more part of their culture.

Article by: Oliver Hartman and Cesar Gonzalez

Picture credits: Thanks to Shoeless Joe’s (and their Bikini Open) as well as mteson on Flickr for his great picture of a bife!

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