Palermo Soho’s Hidden Art Galleries

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Adriana Bozzi Gallery PieceWith only five days of living in Buenos Aires, I can safely say I feel at home. I’ve just moved to the well-known boho-chic neighborhood of Palermo Soho, where the narrow tree-lined cobble stone streets and well manicured boutiques flourish in this European kissed neighborhood. Beautiful people, great food, posh shopping, all at a relatively lower price compared to other hot spot international cities. It’s easy to get caught up with the ebb and flow of shoppers along these streets, but what really makes Palermo Soho a special destination are its hidden art galleries.

Freckled along these streets are small art galleries, which could be mistaken for small shops if not for their banners hanging outside the front. Palermo Soho’s art scene is low key and the neighborhood made for wandering.

Tucked away in a 140-year-old house is the gallery and workspace of architect turned artist, Adriana Bozzi. Showing off her sanctuary with grand hand gestures, Adriana describes the renovation of the building, her ideas, and her transformation from architect to artist.

Adriana says that her foundation in architecture helped her with creating the structure of her male figures, which are strong, sturdy and sharp.

“I always loved to work on bodies,” Bozzi said. “A woman’s body is soft, and I want to give a strong image. The roundness of a woman’s body allows light to be soft, with the male figure, there are more light and dark strong lines.”

Her faceless men, with creamy skin tones and black splashes of masculinity look like dancers stretching after a long rehearsal. The romantic, almost feminine poses, clash with the dark muscular lines, creating a tasteful pure image of the male form.

Catch her while you can as Bozzi travels to Italy during the month of April. You can find her at the corner of Thames and Santa Rosa 1484. The gallery is open Monday through Saturday from 3:30-8:30 pm.

Two blocks up the street you will find the white-haired contemporary artist and photographer Hugo Drucaroff. As I walked by with camera in hand, he took his and snapped a photo as I crossed the street to introduce myself. During his down time, Drucaroff practices his photography and takes snapshots of passersby. Proud owner of this primly located gallery, Drucaroff listed the artists he shows and has shown in the past. These names can be found on the website given below. The exhibits range from small installation pieces to compositions with bright painted wooden cut outs floating around gigantic canvases. Go to to learn about upcoming events and featured artists. View Hugo Drucaroff and other works at Thames 1653 Monday through Saturday from 11:30 am – 8:00 pm.

If you are wandering around the neighborhood be sure to visit:

Difusión Arte Conteporáneo International desde Latinamérica, Thames 5128 It is hard to miss this brightly blue painted building with black and white checkered tiles leading to its entrance. I know it’s a mouthful but this gallery screams “ART LIVES HERE,” and should not be missed. Inside, find colorful pieces, which reek of happiness.

Escarlata: Espacio de Arte
Corner Serrano 1400-1500 & Cabrebra
Open: Monday through Saturday
3-8 pm


adriana bozzi on April 8, 08

Dear Shana:thank you for your comment on my work. You are welcome to visit my atelier wenever you like.i think you have my Phone.otherway mail me and I will give it to you so we may meet.
By the way the adress is Thames and Gorriti.. if you may fix it on the note would be useful
Big kiss

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