El EcoCentro in Puerto Madryn – Whales, Penguins and Seals…Oh my!

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Beautiful Ecocentro in Puerto Madryn, Argentina

The marine world surrounding Puerto Madryn is a remarkable and valuable feature to the community. To experience all that the wildlife has to offer, tourists can choose between one of the many businesses in town that provide sporty outdoor opportunities, such as scuba diving, Peninsula Valdez excursions, windsurfing, and kayaking. However, to gain a more educational and historical perspective on the marine ecosystems you have to head south toward El EcoCentro (the EcoCenter) located right outside of town.

The sign at Ecocentro Puerto Madryn, PatagoniaIt is a good walk from town but a very feasible one. More than likely you will forget about the time and distance while strolling along the beach and wading through the ocean water. There is only one paved road heading south and it will lead you to the front door. (Or if you prefer, a quick 10 peso cab ride is always an option.) You can’t miss the beautifully constructed light-house style building that sits on the cliffs and overlooks the sea.

Prepare to be educated! You could spend hours walking around and learning about the interconnections of the marine world through the various exhibits. You can listen to videos regarding the whales, sea lions, penguins and other wildlife. You can stop by the library and read up on the flora and fauna. You can even sit in on a speech given by one of the staffers. And once you have had your fill of marine life information there are plenty of other options as well.

One of the first things you will notice upon entering the building are the immaculate windows that stretch from one end to the next. Just beyond those windows is a multi level deck with various viewing areas. They will lead you out onto the cliffs and eventually down into the water. In front of these cliffs is a small group of docks where the scuba divers provide entertainment as they head down for their baptism into the deep blue sea.

The view from inside Ecocentro in patagonia.Back inside, there is a windy staircase that leads to the top of the tower and provides interesting art work along the way. However, once you enter the sanctuary at the top, the only artwork necessary is the natural views. The white walls and white furniture are beautifully contrasted with the blue water and sky in the distance and will take your breath away. My advice would be to head up there first while everyone else is distracted by the exhibits and enjoy the views in a peaceful solitude, or perhaps with one other special person you are traveling with.

Killer whale model inside Ecocentro in Puerto MadrynWhen you finally break yourself away from the tower, make sure you spend some time in two specific exhibits that you can’t miss: the pool of invertebrates full of starfish and anemones, and the room with the singing whales. In the whale room there are a set of pillows strategically placed on top of the sea rocks scattered along the floor. The lights are dimmed and the room is quiet. Once you are situated and relaxed the enchanting melodies of the whales will begin and you’ll feel as if you are in the middle of the ocean surrounded by the massive sea creatures. It is a mesmerizing experience.

The pool of starfish and anemones at Ecocentro.After indulging in all of the beauty and information El Ecocentro has to offer, you may feel like indulging in some food as well. Nothing will restore your energy like the specialties in the restaurant. Full meals, snacks, drinks, and delicious alfajores are available and can be comfortably enjoyed in the dining area, on the outdoor decks, or while walking through the gift shop and contemplating over various souvenir options.

There are always more discoveries to be made about the mysteries and marvels of the Patagonian sea, but after your visit to this venue you will feel much more educated and appreciative of the marine environment that sits right beyond El EcoCentro‘s doors.

Julio Verne 3784
Puerto Madryn, Chubut

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