Gay and Lesbian



Alsina 940

Housed in an elegant three story, 19th century building, Alsina has a mixed crowd during the week but hosts huge gay events Friday and Sunday night. On Friday night, Alsina is a disco with mostly electronica music and Sunday night is called the “Sunday Tea Dance.” You can dress casual, but nicer clothes are recommended, and you can expect to wait to get in.


Gascón 1040

A happening disco bar, Amerika is the most popular gay club in Buenos Aires. It attracts straight as well as gay clientèle, although the heteros tend to hang out in the uppermost level of the club. Open only Thursday through Sunday, the venue is enormous and the energy of the music and the partying matches the space.

Angel’s Disco

Viamonte 2168
No phone

A very different scene from ultra-trendy clubs like Alsina, this club favors the poorer of pocket. Cover is only 10 pesos, and this comes with two drinks, a good deal in Buenos Aires. A low key scene for both local and foreign transvestites, it is a good choice for a night without the hype.

Bach Bar

Cabrera 4390

Open now for over 15 years, this bar hosts “transformist” shows and various DJ’s; you can check their website for the weekend schedule. This bar attracts a large number of lesbian groups and also promotes birthday groups by offering special deals for the birthday boy or girl. It is a great place to go with friends.

Chueca Resto Bar

Soler 3283

Situated in an old house in Palermo, Chueca is known for its weekend drag shows, a great late night option after hitting up a few bars in the surrounding Palermo area. Unlike many clubs it is open Tuesday through Saturday night from 11pm onward and is consistently a gay meeting place.


Rodríguez Peña 1082

One of the first gay discos in the city, Contramano was remodeled in 2005 to make it into a pub café. It is no longer a mecca of the young and instead favors an older, mostly male clientèle.


Cabrera 3046

This gay bar has a dance floor, two bars, and a patio and is still overflows with the 20 to 30-something gay crowd of Buenos Aires. Cover is a little steep, 25 pesos, but it gets you a drink and you are sure to meet a lot of people. Thursday and Saturday night are the nights to go.

Inside Resto Bar

Bartolomé Mitre 1571

More a restaurant than a club, Inside Resto Bar serves a mix of French and Italian food to a mixed clientèle: gays and straights are welcome! The ambiance is moody, with red and black decor and low lighting that enhance a romantic meal. On weekends, they have special tango shows as well as male strippers, so make reservations.

Kim y Novak

Güemes 4900
Palermo Soho

An “underground” club in what was once Buenos Aires’s transvestite red-light district. It attracts a dazzling array of people—from rising artists to frustrated bloggers, so if you are looking for variety and up for taking a risk, this club can be a great place to dance and drink without any pressure to “fit in.”


Av. Córdoba 4119

One of the biggest gay bars in Buenos Aires, Sitges has good drinks, tons of people, and eccentric floor shows, including drag acts on the weekends. The crowd tends to be 20’s and 30’s, both gay and lesbian, and the venue fills up after it opens at 10:30.

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