Tango Brujo studio from the street

Tango, like the nightlife, comes in all shapes and stripes in Buenos Aires. But you can bet a pair of gorgeous tango shoes that an evening at a milonga will leave you shaken and stirred. Check out the guide to find out which place is for you.

La Calesita

Av. Comodoro Rivadavia 1350

An outdoor milonga, this is a great place to visit in the summer (the only time it’s open) when the nights are warm. Surrounded by café tables, this can also be a very pleasant place to simply come and watch. The nights are Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday.

La Catedral

Sarmiento 4006

If you’d like to see or dance tango but the traditional scene is too stiff for you, La Catedral is the place to go for young, tango nuevo dancers. From the heart aglow over the bar to the high, barn-like ceilings, this milonga oozes ambiance. The night to go is Tuesday, when a group class starts at 10 and the dancing keeps going until the small hours, when the live music arrives. In addition to dancing, it also has a café that serves excellent vegetarian cuisine.

Confitería Ideal

Suipacha 384

Founded in 1912, this classic tango hall and restaurant claims to have seen many famous stars pass through its doors in its nearly one hundred years. Offering afternoon and early evening classes every day, the Confitería Ideal is a great place to go to practice your steps, have a bite, and wait for the evening dance to begin.

Club Gricel

La Rioja 1180
San Cristobal

Friday night is the night to go to Club Gricel, an elegant milonga that attracts dancers of all ages. The floor is good quality and they do offer some classes, call in advance to ask for times.

El Niño Bien

Humberto I (Primo) 1462

El Niño Bien is a tango club that still retains many of the rituals of older Argentine milgonas. It is a great place to go to watch truly good dancers dance and to try your own luck catching the eye of a partner. The tables around the sides of the dance floor fill up early, so get there before 11, especially on its “day” in the tango circuit, Thursday. Note of caution: take a cab back late at night, as this milonga isn’t in the nicest part of town.

Salon Canning

Scalabrini Ortiz 1331

Reputed to be one of the most authentic milongas left in Buenos Aires, Salon Canning has ample space to dance and an excellent wooden floor that you won’t catch your heels on. The best nights to go are Monday and Friday, but this milonga will be a good time any night of the week.

La Viruta

Armenia 1366

Situated below an excellent Armenian restaurant, in the Armenian Community Center, La Viruta has many options for the tango lover. Some nights a traditional milonga, other nights a show or a dance competition, the ambiance is traditional and yet fun and accessible. Dancers of all ages come to dance at this popular milonga and on Friday and Saturday night the dance hall is packed by midnight. A true milonga experience.

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