Nuevo Argentine


There are literally hundreds of restaurants that fall into this category, and walking around Palermo Viejo will likely put you into contact with a good majority of them. We’ve compiled a list of some of the best and most original here.

A small restaurant, but with grandiose flavors- the “lomo dadá” dish and prawn salad are particularly recommendable. The decoration is slightly kooky (no doubt an homage to the restaurant’s name) but it is definitely worth a trip.

San Martín 941
Tel: 4314-4787

This restaurant is tucked away off the street inside the Building for the Central Society of Architects, but this out-of-the-way location means brings tranquility to an area that is decidedly busy and bustling. The food here is light, simple, and delicious, and incorporates interesting flavors into the repertoire.

Montevideo 938
Tel: 4816-6711

Standard gives traditional Argentine food a new twist. Classic battered chicken is flavored with lime, chili and beer, and a meat croquette appetizer is breaded, fried and served with a spicy sauce and pickles. The ambiance is simple and trendy; it has the feel of an upscale diner.

Guatemala y Fitz Roy
Tel: 4779-2774

Tomo I
Tomo I is a legend on the culinary scene in Buenos Aires and well deserves its status. It brings quality ingredients and seasonal ingredients to the table that combine in purposeful and interesting ways. Take confidence in ordering anything you see on the menu.

Carlos Pellegrini 521
Zone: center
Telephone: 4326-6695

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