pizza buenos airesWhen listing the most popular meals in Buenos Aires, pizza invariably falls after “beef” and “empanadas.” This ranking is not for nothing—there are dozens of pizza types and preparations, ranging from thick fluffy crusts to oven-grilled to whole wheat dough. In terms of restaurants, there are a few megaliths, mostly located along Avendia Correintes, but excellent pizza can be found in any corner of the city.

Los Inmortales
Los Inmortales is a Buenos Aires institution. While service at the establishment can sometimes reflect this pretension, the menu is very complete and the pizza continues to be delicious.

Corrientes, Av. 1369
Zone: Tribunales
Tel: 4373-5303

Origen is known more as an organic food establishment than a pizza place, but their whole wheat pizza crusts are so good it just needs to be included here. Origen serves natural and seasonal foods, and makes for a great lunch after a stroll through the San Telmo antique market.

Humberto 1º 599
San Telmo
Tel: 4362-7979

El Palacio de la Pizza
For those in the know, the pink, string-tied boxes that transport the pizza from this legendary Buenos Aires restaurant are as recognizable as the blue Tiffany’s box. The pizza is doughy and full of toppings, made-to-order, and ridiculously crave-able. The place gets very busy at lunch time, when local businessmen flock there for a midday meal.

Av. Corrientes 751
Tel: 4322-0441

Romario has a handful of locations throughout the city, but don’t judge the fact that it is a chain—the pizzeria undeniably makes a good pie. Pizza is cooked in a wood-fired oven and comes with simple toppings such as basil or mozzarella. The ambiance is relaxed and trendy.

Arenales 2007 (various locations)
Tel: 4511-4444

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