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The last thing Buenos Aires may be known for is vegetables, but more and more vegetarian and organic restaurants have been popping up in recent years. Most porteños don’t believe a meal is a meal without some form of meat; they will scoff at the thought of a salad for a main course. Ask the average Argentine what vegetable they consume the most, and the answer will likely be “potato”. However, Argentines do manage to incorporate many local grains and vegetables into the most run of the mill menu. Pumpkin (calabaza) abounds and the Andes are the birthplace of quinoa. In Buenos Aires, organic and seasonal restaurants are also on the rise.

Note: Some restaurants that describe themselves as vegetarian operate on a sliding scale. Red meats never appear on the menu, but chicken and fish may sometimes be incorporated into the repertoire.


At Artemisia, all the attention is in the details. The restaurant introduces interesting flavor combinations and includes ethnic dishes on the menu without sacrificing a home-y intimate atmosphere.

Cabrera 3877 – Palermo
Tel: (5411) 4863-4242


Bio labels itself as the first organic restaurant in Buenos Aires, and the establishment has done as excellent job of setting the bar high. Housed in a light and airy building, the freshness of the food perfectly compliments this ambiance and promises a satisfying culinary experience.

Humboldt 2199 – Villa Crespo
Tel: (5411) 4774-3880


Providencia has a constantly changing daily menu that allows the chefs to incorporate fresh and seasonal produce into the dishes. This food proves that “healthy” and “delicious” are not mutually exclusive. The breads are baked fresh daily and can be bought to take with you.

Cabrera 5995 y Arévalo – Palermo
Tel: (5411) 4772-8507
Mon. to Fri. lunch and dinner served. Saturday open for lunch.

Natural Deli

While not strictly vegetarian, the range of natural and organic products available at Natural Deli puts it on the list. Fresh, delicious food, and a bonus natural market a lá Whole Foods make it a great choice.

Gorostiaga 1776 (corner with Arce) Belgrano
Tel: 54 11 4777-0418
Hours: 8:00 am – 9:30 pm
Natural Deli website

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