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Tango shows in Buenos Aires Argentina

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There are dozens of quality tango shows in Buenos Aires. Many of the city’s best dancers are showcased in these shows that are known for their particular expressive stage style. A great tango show leaves one stirred in the heart and body, a true testament to the power of one of the most complicated couple’s dances in the world.

Tip: Reservations are recommended for any tango and dinner show. Argentina’s Travel Guide’s most recommended shows are below.

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El Viejo Almacen

In an unpretentious white stucco building with a green striped awning, this tango show runs every day, beginning at 10pm. The show and dinner are held in a long room with the stage at the far end and a balcony that wraps around three sides. The show includes an orchestra, male and female solo singers, and four couples dancing. Unlike many tango venues, El Viejo Alamcen also hosts group events, corporate breakfasts, lunches, and even wine tastings.

Av. Independencia y Balcarce
San Telmo

La Ventana

The interior architecture of the building is beautifully preserved, making each of the three stories a unique setting for the three different tango shows held every night. The lowest level is especially nice, with brick walls and wine bottles tucked away as in a vineyard’s cellar. The food is international and the wine selection is extensive. In the spirit of San Telmo, La Ventana also helps to foster its own community of artists, maintaining thirty-five artists in residence, two tango orchestras, and a folklore band and, of course, a company of dancers.

Balcarce 431
San Telmo

Madero Tango

A place for Argentines as well as foreigners, this beautiful tango show is located on the river in Puerto Madero. Martiniano Molina—a world renown chef—creates the dinners, which followed by tango shows that include some of Argentina’s most famous dancers. The shows are large, with up to twenty dancers, and the music is performed by a full tango orchestra.

E. Rawson de Dellepiane 150
Dique 1, Puerto Madero

Señor Tango

Compared by some to a Broadway show, this tango hall lacks the intimate quality of many of its competitors. Señor Tango embraces this fact, plastering its walls with pictures of celebrities in Buenos Aires. The owner himself is a singer in the show and he is backed by a good orchestra and excellent dancers—it is truly one of the best shows in town. A lively venue, it is great to come to this tango institution with a group of friends or colleagues.

Vieytes 1655

Gala Tango

Mixing tango and folklore, Gala tango prides itself on the quality of its service and the exclusivity of the experience—to the point of picking up their guests in private cars. This mood is enhanced by the French style design of the interior and the gourmet food, served with wine from some of Argentina’s best bodegas. Opening every day at ten, the show consists of singers, dancers, and an orchestra. Unusual for such a classy venue, Gala tango also offers some classes.

Pasaje 5 de Julio 434
San Telmo

Rojo Tango

A cabaret style milonga, this dinner and show promises “love, passion, madness and glamor” expressed through the beauty and history of tango. The venue is all red—red curtains, red carpeting, red chairs and the show plays to this ambiance of romance. Photos aren’t allowed, making this environment of moody jazz and sultry tango feel exclusive and focused. It is a great place to go with a boyfriend or girlfriend, or with anyone who loves tango and especially careful presentation.

Martha Salloti 445
Puerto Madero

La Esquina Carlos Gardel

Right behind the Abasto mall in Carlos Gardel’s old neighborhood, this elegant tango show is in a beautiful venue. Tables sit below a large two-level stage. Dancers perform on the lower level, while above them a full tango orchestra plays. Dinner is at 8:30 and the show begins at 10:30; you can go to both or just the show. Prices are steep but the beauty of the place, the gourmet food, and the dancing makes it one of the most recommended and memorable tango shows in the city.

Carlos Gardel 3200

Porteño y Bailarín

At this world renowned milonga, beginners mix with some of the best dancers of tango in the world. The night to go is Tuesday, when beginner and intermediate classes begin at 9. After classes, the dance floor opens up and there is often an excellent show featuring both world renown dancers and up and comers in the Buenos Aires scene. A newer milonga, Porteño and Bailarín is a place where the rules of the milonga are respected but also taught; a great place to learn, watch and dance!

Riobamba 345

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