The Tango Game


Before we get into where to dance, it is best you know what to expect at the Milonga. Tango is still a macho game, where women won’t necessarily be asked to dance unless they are either outrageously beautiful or until they’ve been seen out on the dance floor. As for the men, the women test you as well and will easily say no if they don’t know how you dance. How to resolve this Catch 22? Go to classes where the locals and fellow visitors have to dance with you! If they like you there, to be sure you’ll be dancing with them at Milongas and practicas, which will get you out on the dance floor for others to see.

Tip for Men: Don’t go up to a woman to ask her to dance if she isn’t a friend. The women still respond to eye contact, so be sure you’re looking around the room to find the one you want to dance with and then wait until she finds your gaze. If she wants to dance, she will nod and rise. If not, she’ll look the other way. This saves a lot of public embarrassment as it is just between the two of you, no matter how many people there are around.

Be aware that you have to put in your time. People tend to dance with those they know and recognize, which means you might have to do a lot of active sitting before lots of dancing.

Now you’re ready for the next step!

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