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Though the Milongas listed below are predominantly popular for their particular category, the beauty in them is that they are always mixed, especially between the Milongureo and Salon styles. If you want a table, its best to call and make a reservation well in advance. Simply say: “Una reserva, por favor, para (una, dos, tres, quatro…) persona(s). Often there are live orchestras playing and almost always there are dancers performing – usually late, meaning 2 AM or so. I’ts good to check online or in the magazine, El Tangauta. (See Publications) At many of the Milongas, there are classes beforehand. Take a class, break for dinner, and come back for the dancing – all for one price!


  • El Beso– Riobamba 416. (4953-2794)
  • Club Gricel – La Rioja 1180. Monday (4755-7620) and Friday nights (4957-7157)
  • Maipu 444 (Mondays). 15-5462-8869
  • also Wednesday and Saturday afternoons 4932-8594

  • Chique 224 San Jose (esq. Alsina) Thursday afternoons 4201-7199
  • Salon Canning (Wednesdays and Sunday afternoons) – Scalabrini Ortiz 1331. 4832-6753
  • El Arranque Bartolome Mitre 1759 (4371-6767) afternoons Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays
  • Centro Region Leonesa Humberto Primo 1462
  • Entre Tango y Tango Friday night Los Consegrados Saturday afternoon

  • Lo de Celia Humberto Primo 1783 (4304-2438) Friday, Saturday, Sunday nights
  • Salon

  • Paracultural (Mondays and Fridays) – Scalabrini Ortiz 1331. 15-5738-3850
  • Porteño y Bailarin (Sundays and Tuesdays) – Riobamba 345. 15-4044-5908
  • Niño Bien (Thursday) – Humberto Primo 1462. 15-4147-8687
  • Susheta at Dandi (Wednesdays) – Piedras 936. 15-5860-3166
  • La Nacional (Wednesdays) — Adolfo Alsina 1466. 15-6466-0742
  • Salon Canning on a Friday night – Scalabrini Ortiz 1331
  • Confiteria Ideal – Suipacha 384. 4307-9840 – this is where many scenes from The Tango Lesson were filmed. A classic. Check out the matinee Milonga on Sundays from 5 PM, or Thursday nights.
  • Bien Pulenta (Saturdays) – Peron 2543. 4952-0300.
  • La Glorieta (Sundays– 11 de Septembre and Echeverria from 7 to around 11 PM. This Milonga is not to be missed as it is located in a beautiful outdoor setting in the neighborhood called Belgrano. Milonguero and tango de salon are danced by people of all ages. A quintessential experience indeed.
  • Nuevo

    La Catedral – Sarmiento 4006. 15-5325-1630 Alternative and traditional music in a cavernous space. A great underground feel where you can go to dance, drink, eat from the delicious vegetarian menu, and just hang out. If you don’t dance, but love to watch, this is the perfect place to soak up the vibe.


    La Marshall (Wednesdays) – Maipu 444. 4912-9043. Though this is listed as a Gay Milonga, everyone goes. Totally friendly, fun, and super relaxed. There is always something interesting happening on the dance floor and the performances are top notch.


    El Motivo TangoClub Villa Malcolm, Cordoba 5064. 4208-0623 Monday night from 8 PM, Thursday nights from 9 PM directly after classes. Here you can practice what you learn, experiment with the unknown, or simply watch some of the most innovative dancers in town.

    Tango Cool
    Club Villa Malcolm, Cordoba 5064. 4383-7469 Wednesdays from 9:30PM and Fridays from 10PM directly after classes. Most of the best dancers come here to warm up, dance with friends, experiment, and enjoy unique performances before they move on to Canning much later.

    Practica X Anchorina 641 Starts at 9 PM. A huge space that can be daunting for the uninitiated. Here both the men and the women won’t necessarily respond to you unless they’ve seen you dance already – easily resolved by taking the class beforehand.

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