International NGOs


Though not as widespread as in other developing countries, some multinational NGO and charity foundations have offices in Argentina, with limited opportunities for foreigners to work as a volunteer or intern. Securing a placement through one of these requires more initiative and commitment on behalf of the applicant, as demand for spaces is generally very high. Working at one of these global organizations will usually involve more office-based projects than fieldwork, though the chance to contribute to a high profile aid program remains a major attraction, and, of course, will look great on the résumé. Below are some of the prominent groups, with contact details.

Amnesty International

Av Rivadavia 2206 – Capital Federal
Tel: (5411) 4954-5599

Red Cross (La Cruz Roja)

Hipólito Yrigoyen 2068 – Capital Federal
Tel:(5411) 4952-7200


Zabala 3873 – Capital Federal
Tel: (5411) 4551-8811

UN Development Program

Esmeralda 130 – Capital Federal
Tel: (5411) 4320-8700

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