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The Vines of Mendoza

Suggested Winery Visits

Best bodega at sunset

Best bodega dining
Ruca Malen (lunch), Bistro La Tupina at Altus Winery (Lunch), Carlos Pulenta – La Bourgogne (Dinner)

Best bodega for stargazing

Best bodega to barrel taste
Carmelo Patti

Best circuit in a day
Carmelo Patti, Achaval Ferrer, Ruca Malen, Carlos Pulenta

Best historical bodega
La Rural

Best modern bodega

Best place to taste highly rated wines
Achaval Ferrer

Most scenic grounds
Catena Zapata

How to Get Around

Taxis & Remises
Taxi’s are black and yellow and are clearly marked. Traveling by taxi is a safe and easy way to explore Mendoza. They also have the advantage of being incredibly cheap. A taxi across town will cost you about AR$12 – or US$4.
Remises are unmarked taxi’s that look like normal cars with a small antenna and a yellow number on the trunk. They are much newer and cleaner than most taxis. It can be cheaper to rent a Remise (car and driver) for the day than to rent a car for the day. You should look into both options before making your decision.

A funny thing about maps in Mendoza is that no two maps are exactly alike. A second challenge is that very few streets outside of the city have street signs. Taken together those challenges can make for some interesting trips. If you feel most comfortable driving yourself we suggest you buy two or three maps – then if you can’t find your way using one, you can always try a second one.

Walking in Mendoza
Look both ways before crossing the street. All of our mothers told us to look both ways from the day we first started to walk – you should heed that advice in Mendoza. We have a simple saying to describe walking in Mendoza: In the U.S. pedestrians have the right of way, in Mendoza pedestrians have the right to get out of the way. Keep that in mind and you’ll be fine.
Sidewalks are covered with beautiful tiles, but are uneven and quite slippery when wet. Watch out for small steps up and down when walking.

Acequias are the small, open concrete canals that provide clean water from the Andes to the City. All the sidewalks have small paths over acequias leading to the street. Make sure you stay on that small path or you could see an acequia up close and personal.

Rental Cars in Mendoza
While a remise may be cheaper, you lose the excitement of seeing the area on your schedule. Whether you decide to rent or use a driving service really depends on your sense of adventure.
Most of the time, it’s easiest to rent a car at the Mendoza airport (although not always cheaper). However, unless you’re already in the downtown area, the convenience of renting at the airport tends to outweigh the relatively small savings you may or may not get elsewhere. In addition to renting at the airport, you can rent cars at the following locations:

Primitivo de la Reta 928 – City of Mendoza, tel. (0261) 429-3111 / 154191717.

AIRPORT: Ruta 40 Norte S/N – Plumerillo – Las Heras, tel. (0261) 447-0150. CITY: Primitivo de la Reta 914, tel (0261) 420-3178 / 429-6403.

Gutierrez 567 – City of Mendoza, tel. (0261) 425-0430 / 155385325 / 15511350,

AIRPORT: Ruta 40 Norte S/N – Plumerillo – Las Heras, tel (0261) 448-2327. CITY: Espejo 415, tel (0261) 423-0225 / 156573388.
Primitivo de la Reta 936 – City of Mendoza, tel. (0261) 429-6800 / 154538162.

San Juan 931 – City of Mendoza, tel. (0261) 429-0876 / 155074100.

Suggested Tour Operators

Amazing Mendoza
Martinez de Rosos 1641, Mendoza City
Contact Person: Ellen – Phone: US: 304 876 2243

Ampora Wine Tours
Sarmiento 647, Mendoza City
Contact Person: Kai – Phone: (0261) 429-2931

Aventura and Wine
Granaderos 1307, Mendoza City
Contact Person: Eugenia, Ana – Phone: (0261) 429-3014 or 156 624 284 or 156 624 28

Postales del Plata
Catamarca 7 2nd Office 7 and 8, Mendoza City
Contact Person: Natalia or Laura – Phone: (0261) 429-6210 or 429-6220

Tasting Mendoza
Contact Person: Dolores Montero – Phone: (0261) 424-6540 or154 544 322

The Grape Vine
Garibaldi 57 Piso 1, Mendoza City
Contact Person: Kelly Thornhill or Fernanda Andino – Phone: (0261) 429-7522 or 425-6613 or 155 413 893 or 155 413 892

Uncorking Argentina
Primitivo de la Reta 878, Mendoza City
Contact Person: Carolyn, (0261) – Phone: 429-6955 or 155 103 230

The Vines of Mendoza

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