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Discovery Channel’s Man vs. Wild Episode 2 Explores El Chaltén


Mount Fitz Roy ArgentinaJust before Christmas, Man vs. Wild’s star Bear Grylls left us in suspense as he took us on one of his great adventures through Argentina. He traveled through the desolate lands of Patagonia, crawled out of one of the deep crevasses of the Perito Moreno glacier, rode horse-back along side a gaucho, and climbed 250 feet up a vertical rock face without a rope. So you could say we left you with a major cliff hanger as he prepared for episode 2.

Bear Grylls, the British host, author, and star of Discovery Channel’s Man vs. Wild spends his time traveling the world in search of beautiful locations, new adventures, and extreme experiences in nature that will challenge his renowned survival techniques. For two weeks in a row he took us to Patagonia and gave us a taste of the true ruggedness that is manifested throughout the southern Argentine lands. Both the beauty, and ruggedness is anything but understated in his Patagonian adventures.

Don Pernil in Puerto Madryn – Gourmet Delicatessen Done Right

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img_0446.JPGAs you weave your way through the exciting streets of Buenos Aires you’ll not need to travel far before coming across a food delicatessen shop. They are amazing, delicious and a great way to learn more about the Argentine culture that is demonstrated through the food. The more time you spend in these shops the more addicting they become. Which is wonderful, until you leave the big city and your food delicateseen encounters begin to dwindle.

La Boca, Buenos Aires – Touristy and Worth Every Minute

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img_1946.thumbnail.jpgThe neighborhood of La Boca is, as many would say, a tourist trap. It is not uncommon to encounter more foreigners than locals wandering through the streets. You can definitely expect to see overpriced everything. And the tourist shop workers will go to any length to draw you in with hopes that you’ll buy some of their souvenirs. Yet, even knowing all of that, it is a spot that I recommend every Buenos Aires traveler should experience. There is a reason that so many tourists make La Boca a priority on their itinerary, and once you are there you will soon be overwhelmed by its charm and understand exactly why.

Bear Grylls of Man vs. Wild Ventures into Patagonia


gryllsdm2404_468x520.jpgPatagonia is one of the most extreme places on Earth. The mountains reach high, the climates drop low, the land stretches long, and the population is sparse. For these reasons, and many others, it is one of the mostly highly sought locations for outdoorsmen around the globe. And if you don’t believe us, maybe you’ll be more convinced when it hear it from the mouth of one of the most well-known adventurers in our current day and age – Bear Grylls.

Margarita Resto-Pub in Puerto Madryn, the Place for Drinks & Fun

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margarita.jpgThere’s nothing quite like a beautiful sunny beach and a great local pub to accompany it. Tucked alongside the boardwalk in the little downtown area of Puerto Madryn is one of the hottest bars/restaurants in town, and its name says it all…Margarita. Just hearing the name of the place leaves you licking your lips over the craving for a delicious cocktail to accompany your lazy sun filled day.