Emily Anne Epstein


Emily feels strange writing in the third person, so she gave a good friend her resume and a license to write, and the following occurred:

Though she has always looked at her surroundings through the eyes of an artist, Emily Anne Epstein has been a journalist in all meanings of the word for seven years. It began when she discovered a passion for black and white photography and made it her mission to learn all that she could, rigorously devoting herself to the techniques of the darkroom. Going on to study literature and film at Columbia University, Emily draws inspiration from the literary and cinematic greats.

She cultivates her own style, capturing both the fantastic and the banal on film and in words in a way that allows the audience to become more than just a spectator. Her work invites the viewer to draw on the sidewalk, to catch the ball bouncing off the rim of the basket, to know the old man in the store. Intelligent yet relatable, Emily’s portrait and documentary photographs allow you to apply what you know, take what you want, and just maybe learn something new. She brings that same spirit to her writing. Her favorite author is Marguerite Duras, and it’s not hard to see why. Like Duras, Emily engages with the audience on a personal level while expressing her ideas through stylistically appealing narrative.

Interested in a variety of subjects, Emily has worked with periodicals such as Time Out, The Newark Star-Ledger, The New York Post, and amNY. As a photojournalist for The Jersey Journal, she covered both local and metropolitan news and had the opportunity to indulge her interest in the meaningful events in the lives of small town residents.

Her interest in the lives of those around her has led her to seek out work with Habitat for Humanity, Americorps, and other non-governmental organizations. Currently residing in Buenos Aires, she is the news editor for Argentina’s Travel Guide and an assistant photo editor at The Argentimes, but actively pursues freelance local and international assignments.

Emily sounds awfully professional, doesn’t she? Well, regardless, she loves to eat macaroni and cheese and debate frivolities most of all.  Check out her website or her blog for more love.

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