Nuevo Argentine


In the years since the economic crisis, Buenos Aires has experienced a culinary renaissance that rivals all major metropolises. Restaurants offer dishes that update porteña staples such as milanesa (breaded meat), beef, and grilled chicken, or offer creative fusions between Argentine classics and Asian, European, or African cuisines. The movement has centered in the Palermo Viejo neighborhood, although barrios such as San Telmo, Montserrat, and Recoleta have jumped on the bandwagon.

Although “Nuevo Argentine” is collinearly diverse, it generally consists of Argentine classics and/ or local, fresh ingredients. Another overarching theme in most establishments is the ambiance of the restaurant; many have the “cool” factor that is so pervasive in the Palermo Viejo neighborhood, and most of the porteños that frequent the eateries constitute the trendy and beautiful set of the city. But don’t let the crowds dissuade you if this is not your scene- most restaurants are reasonably priced and a must-visit on your trip to Buenos Aires.

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