Health Considerations


There are no specific health requirements for Argentina, apart from in the north where some recommend malaria medication (which should be revised with the doctor since some side-effects of the anti-malarial medication can be more a risk than that of contracting the disease). Recently due to inundations and flooding throughout the country, mosquito numbers have proliferated, and Dengue fever cases were reported as far south from the subject zone in the north, as Buenos Aires. This tends to occur at the end of the humid summers in the midst of perfect conditions for the proliferation of mosquitoes, but again, with some repellent, the risk level is extremely low.

Revise the rudimentary vaccinations that are required for travellers to other countries and they should be sufficient. For any typical illness such as a virus of infection, a visit to a pharmacy could be all you need, as they often sell prescription medication over-the-counter. Public hospitals offer free consultations (which the people ultimately pay for in their government taxes), meaning they are always crowded and the waits are long. Nevertheless, people, foreigners especially, are treated well, and with a payment of 10 or 20 pesos you may even be able to jump the queue.

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