Safety Tips


Be careful before and after football matches when the fervent hincha (fan clubs) travel to and from the stadiums. Depending on whether they win or lose, they can be unpredictable, as football is taken personally here (People and Culture chapter). The obligatory football match cannot be missed, and to enjoy it without any problems, take only the clothes on your back and some coins for the bus home.

Traffic in Buenos Aires is chaotic, and sometimes is helps to assume that drivers have the mentality that driver has right-of-way, even though in reality the rule is the contrary. The hordes of cars and unforgiving buses will nearly always jump the traffic signals, so wait a few seconds to be sure!

The rest of Argentina is tranquil and safe. The people are more humble, but less affected by socioeconomic inequality and oppression like in the capital (but equally or more affected by the economic crisis). Especially once outside the province of Buenos Aires, you will realize why the people are notably less uptight and more laid back than those of the capital.

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