Top 10 Destinations

Like any top 10 list, our list of Top 10 Destinations in Argentina is subjective. But fun. Very fun. If you’re down in Argentina for any length of time, then be sure to hit up some of these great places.

Buenos Aires

La Boca, Buenos Aires - Colorful houses on CaminitoWith its wide boulevards, beautiful architecture and rich culture, Buenos Aires has often been called the Paris of South America. And when you experience the food, the fashion, and the nightlife, you will quickly fall in love with this beautiful city and its people. If cities, food, culture (and shopping) are your thing, then Buenos Aires is not to be missed, and we have a whole section dedicated solely to it.

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El Calafate & the Perito Moreno Glacier

Perito Moreno Glaciar in all its Glory.For a once in a lifetime experience, travel back in time to the Ice Ages and discover the amazing power of the glaciers at El Calafate. Perito Moreno, Upsala, Mayo, and Spegazzini are the best known glaciers here. Get your hiking shoes ready, and make sure you pack the whiskey!

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Iguazu Falls

Iguazu Falls circuito inferior trailWhat a place! Experience the grandeur of nature as is rushes down and over the most spectacular waterfalls you will ever see. A great tourist destination with plenty of organized tours and activities, as well as hiking and adventure, right on the border with Brazil. Not to be missed.

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Valdez Peninsula

Whale breaches off the coast of Peninsula ValdesFor the animal lovers out there, the Peninsula Valdez wildlife reserve is a must see. Go whale-watching, see elephant seals, penguins, sea lions, and amazing bird life. Punta Tombo has a colony of Magellenic Penguins of about 1.5 million, which you can visit on restricted trails. Can you say photo ops!?

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Bariloche & the Seven Lakes Region

View of the lakes from the Circuito Chico, BarilocheThe quaint mountain towns of the Seven Lakes region would look right at home in the Alps. Instead, against a backdrop of the deepest blues and evergreens, these towns dot the Seven Lakes region of Rio Negro and Jujuy in the Andes mountains. In the summer, you can fly-fish, hike, camp, hunt, and enjoy nature to your hearts’ content, while in the winter the great snowfalls and numerous mountain slopes make for fantastic skiing. If you’re in Argentina to see pristine nature and beauty, then this is a great option.

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Quebrada de Humahuaca

Quebrada de Humahuaca, ArgentinaQuebrada literally means “break,” and refers to the deep valley carved here by the Rio Grande. Humahuaca, with its quaint colonial streets and architecture is a UNESCO Heritage Site, and serves as a great base camp to explore the region. Having formed an important part of the Incan empire, Humahuaca is steeped in ancient history and culture, which very much befits this area of austere beauty.

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Valle de la Luna & Talampaya

Talampaya, Argentina.  Courtesy of World66The landscapes in Talampaya National Park were carved by water and wind over millennium, leaving behind a wealth of ravines, cliffs, and windswept sculptures that baffle us today. The area is exciting not only to tourists, but also to many geologists and archaeologists who study the area. As a visitor to Talampaya and Valle de La Luna, you get to see it all – the vertebrate and dinosaur fossils, the petrified trees, and the ceramics and petroglyphs of pre-colonial civilization.

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El Chaltén & Fitz Roy

Fitz Roy mountain in Argentina.  Simply breathtaking.For the day-hikers and serious mountaineers out there, El Chaltén is the trekking capital of Argentina. El Chaltén is a small, remote mountain village at the foot of several exceptional climbing mountains, the main one being, of course, el Cerro Fitz Roy. It is located within Los Glaciares National park, and active in the summer months (November – February). Here, you will find hiking and climbing excursions for all levels of experience, all with their corresponding breathtaking views.

Ushuaia & Beagle Canal

Ushuaia:  Journey to the end of th world.The southernmost city in the world, Ushuaia was once the prison-home to Argentina’s worst criminals because of it’s remoteness. The criminals are long gone, but the remoteness remains, in this incredible city at the end of the world. Situated on the banks of the Beagle Canal (where Darwin sailed around South America in The Beagle), Ushuaia is more temperate than you would expect due to the surrounding mountains and water, which leads to great hiking, exploring, and sight-seeing in the summer, and great cross-country skiing in the winter.

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Antarctica from Argentina.  Courtesy of World66.For the adventurers among you, what could be more unique than a trip to Argentine Antarctica? Week-long tours to Antarctica leave from Ushuaia, and include whale-watching, a crossing of the treacherous Drake Passage, amazing views of water in all its forms, several shore trips, seals, and lots of penguins! It’s an amazing once-in-lifetime experience not for the faint of heart. And it’s also one which you have to make sure to book in advance.