Rafting the Mendoza river is full of excitement that begins with a spin. Rather than the intense white waters that you may experience in other locations, in the Mendoza river you can expect the waters to be brown. The muddy colored water is a result of the glacial runoff that begins up ahead at the top of the Andes Mountains. But regardless of the color, the fun is all the same, and the views cannot be beat. This part of the country maintains a unique beauty that you will get to experience on board your raft as it takes you through Potrerillos and the Cacheuta Canyon. There is a wide range of runs available to meet the needs of the thrill seekers and the family travelers alike. Guides are always looking for more visitors to experience rafting in various degrees of difficulty year round. However the river is usually fuller in the summer months and therefore more challenging. During this time you can expect to find electrifying rides over class III and IV rapids.

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