Iguazú Falls

Iguazu Falls Misiones Argentina

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Iguazú Falls – the largest waterfalls in the world – is made up of over 275 separate falls, nearly three km of the Iguazú River, and is bordered by two countries. Argentina and Brazil share this massive display of water, subtropical rain forest, and the exotic wildlife that thrives within the Iguazú National Park in the Misiones province. Without a doubt, the sight-seeing options are endless and the more time spent on foot, the more discoveries there are to be made.

Upon entering the park each visitor will receive a map that shows each and every path in the park. The regulated use of these foot trails has been essential in preserving and maintaining the thousands of acres of forest that make up Iguazú National Park. To cover them all, two full days of trekking through the forest is recommended. Every trail offers something new; but the bright colors, lingering mist, wild plants and mosses, and gigantic falls are present down every path, and around every corner. What lies at the end of each trail is surprisingly unique. Allotting plenty of wandering time on this adventure will pay off and discoveries of both the largest and most famous falls, as well as the less frequented sights and endless scenery are made.

La Garganta del Diablo

garganta del diablo misiones argentina

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All it takes is a park map and two feet to visit every falls in Iguazu, but make note of the best and biggest upon entering because it can not be missed. From the Argentine side, the paths to La Garganta del Diablo wind through a long stretch of calm waters and exotic scenery. With each additional step the sound of tranquility is gradually replaced with the sounds of rushing water. When a rising cloud of mist begins to engulf the radiating greens in the surroundings, it’s a sure sign that the Devil’s Throat is up ahead. The U-shaped cliff of water is 150m wide, 700m long, and one of the most worthwhile sights in the country, and possibly even in the world. The path that takes you there is a very easy and flat walk accessible to every individual.

garganta del diablo misiones argentina

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There are plenty of tour operators within the National Park and the neighboring town of Puerto Iguazú that offer additional trekking options throughout the area but don’t be fooled into thinking that you need a tour guide to see the sights of Iguazú Falls.

See the Iguazú National Park home page for additional information, a virtual tour, 360 degree panoramic views, and more. www.iguazuargentina.com

Iguazú National Park offices are located in the neighboring towns of Puerto Iguazú and Posadas in the Misiones province, and can be contacted at info@iguazuargentina.com

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  • Puerto Iguazu – Misiones
    C.P.: 3370
    Tel:(03757) 491469

  • Coronel Lopez y Av. Mariano Moreno
  • Posadas – Misiones
    C.P.: 3300
    Tel: (02752) 438598

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